FWIW from a guy who manufactured NSAIDS and many other drugs for a career- take safety warnings about those things seriously. Take as little as possible to get relief and never even consider exceeding label limitations! Far too may folks injure or kill themselves with these things thinking they can write their own rules and that's a real and daily tragedy. Just because you can buy many without a prescription doesn't mean they're harmless or totally innocuous- and there are some pretty hardcore FDA required warnings on the inserts for the Rx ones.

Don't get addicted to oxy either. My daughter runs a national tox database on that stuff (paid for by industry) and the numbers are huge due primarily to illegal supply in FL. Like many drugs in that class, total national production is DEA limited but even that hasn't helped much, yet.

Exercise- sooner or later for load bearing stuff like hips doing symmetrical exercises becomes important. Early rehab can focus on specific local muscle groups but the compensation that can develop can cause other issues. Watched my wife go through that progression after a back surgery..

I've got a sister who is struggling with a hip replacement that ended up with one leg too long. Sounds like you've got a better surgical result than she did.