First, I am posting this under my husband's username (I am sure he will end up seeing this!).

I am 57 years old, been riding for 20+ years and have recently had my right hip replaced. In a few years, I am confident I will need to have the left one done as well. Besides the hip replacement, I am in good physical condition, not over weight and relatively inseam challenged at 5'3". My issue is since the hip replacement, I cannot do the miles I used to without muscle discomfort in my right thight / butt and now feel the need to have both feet flat on the ground at stops. I think I am subconcisouly paranoid about tipping over and dislocating the implant (the doctor makes it sound unbelievely painful if this happens - which I am 100% sure he is right!). My husband and I did not do Iron Butt mile days but, routinely did 500+ on our summer vacations or to distant National Rallys.

I guess the input I am looking for is, if any of you (or anyone you know of) has had a hip replacement and also experienced discomfort, what did you do? Stop riding, do shorter distances and take longer stops between (this is kinda what we are doing now), over the counter pre-medication (which I will not do prescription pain medication unless I know I will be at home for the duration of the medication), magical stretching exercises while riding, different seat, foot peg position, etc., etc.

I am really missing the thought of trips out West from Indiana as longer days in the saddle are needed when a weeks vacation is all we are taking.

Thanks ladies and any thoughts / suggestions are appreciated! By the way, my husband is in no way making me feel bad about this and is 100% in favor of any choice I make - whether that be a different bike, shorter mileage days, etc.