Big update ***fixed by tyler at module master***
Well here's my big update...Tyler at Module Master ( started to work on BMW early ABS units and became pretty good with repairing them... He wanted to start working and be able to fix servo motor ABS- I-ABS, Integrated ABS, also known as ABS-III- which is the type used on my 2005 1200 GS... Well guess what after much trial and error and sourcing of parts Tyler worked through a lot of tough issues and FIXED IT!!! Wow we have a place to send these now to be repaired...Got the Pressure Modulator back . Steve my BMW mechanic put it in and have put close to 200 miles on it ...NO ISSUES.... Take a look at their web site and see what other car fixes they do ,some amazing stuff... Also if you have any ABS units laying around that you may have replaced ..send them out to Tyler , they need parts and cores because they can't be sourced anywhere...Finally an alternative to paying the Fatherland $2,400...Please post this where other BMW owners can see ...Thanks Pat