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Thread: Scissor lift for 650 lb R 1150 RTP

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    Scissor lift for 650 lb R 1150 RTP

    Short version: Anyone tried this lift ? Would it work for a RTP ?

    Long version: I am going to start wrenching. I watched my dad when I was younger work on everything under the sun. Also, the cost of paying others to fix things and time required to coordinate the effort is motivating me to wrench. I am starting with the easy stuff tires and oil.

    I can competently change my own oil and have a torque wrench. Also, I recently removed a rear wheel from my RTP and put it on after I had a shop do the tire change.
    I want to change my own tires in the future. What would make changing my own tires in my garage easy without costing much ?

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    Accident waiting to happen

    I have never seen that jack in person, but I doubt if it will do the job you need. The description says, "Wide Base with 3" wings on each side for stability". You're gonna need a lot more than 3" for stability. In the picture, it looks like that jack would tip over with a 25 lb vise sitting on it. I think if you tried to jack an RTP up on that, you'd be very sorry, very quickly. Also, you probably want some way to tie the bike to the jack, for additional stability once it's off the ground.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

    Good luck
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    The lift made by Harbor Freight that you ride on, secure the front tire, and tie the bike securely with a strap on each side to the lift can be bought for $299 or less. For a 650lb bike a ride on lift is much safer for both the mechanic and the bike.
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    Ditto HF Tools lift;

    I've been using the lift from Harbor Frieght for years now and even my KLT1200 was no issue at 800+. They sold many and still do I believe. Randy

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    Anyone tried this lift ? Would it work for a RTP ?

    The photos seem to show its footprint at about 10 by 18 inches.
    WAY too scary!
    Cycle World mag commonly has HF coupons in the back of the mag and the lift like I have often is there for $299.
    Find the coupon for the front wheel chock and it's golden.
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    ..I've been using the lift from Harbor Frieght for years now

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