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Thread: Nolan N43 Trilogy opinions?

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    Nolan N43 Trilogy opinions?

    I am considering this helmet. Unfortunately, no local dealer carries it, and I'd have to buy it online without trying. Are there experiences with this helmet regarding quality, comfort, fit, and utility? I read an online review where the owner said he can't get the helmet on or off with the chin bar installed!?
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    I am in my second year riding with the N43...very happy with it. I have a fat head and the Nolan helmets always seem to fit the best. The N43 has a higher noise level than other helmets I have worn so you might want to consider ear plugs if noise bothers you.

    Since I wear glasses, I always remove the chin to put on/remove helmet, but that is really no big deal. With a little practice, it becomes automatic.
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