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Thread: Four Corners trip planned -

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    Four Corners trip planned -

    Greetings -
    I've recently retired from teaching public school and am seriously putting together a solo Four Corners trip. Last summer I rode northern Michigan to California and back and found myself imagining the Four Corners numerous times. I would head east from MI to Maine, then to Florida, and continue on. My son lives near Santa Barbara, so I'd spend some time there before heading north along the coast (have motorcycled part of Route 1 and look forward to the entirety of the run). Finishing the trip going through the northern US would fit well upon arriving back in northern MI. I have a couple shorter 3-4 day rides planned this summer, so am looking at early Fall as a good time of the year to go (hoping on more accommodating weather than last summer's sauna ride).
    I enjoyed Wanderer's January 2012 article on his journey in our MOA magazine and would very much appreciate receiving any info/suggestions/routes/nuances anyone out there may have for me.
    Thanks to all ahead of time,
    Drive safe -

    four Corners

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    Yo Jake: I planned a 4C ride a few years ago when I retired, but soon found out that while I could retire from work no problem, I could not retire even for a month from a family of dad-dependent daughters.

    Anyway I planned my trip with a slight twist . After arriving at the town in ME as my first corner, I was going to go into Canada and do the entire west bound leg up there, turning left at Vancouver to hit the checkpoint in WA. Just for a little different scenery, as I have I had the pleasure of traveling in the excellent I-90 states previously.
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    First, I guess you don't mean 4 corners AZ, UT, CO, & NM. That is useless.
    Second, I think rather than making corners, which may or may not be what you like, just plan the trip to and around the areas you want, to include the particular stops you want. The cities, or the parks, or the end of the road, or whatever.

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    this 4 corners...can be done in a lot of ways
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    4 Corners

    Thanks for the feedback -

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