Hello everyone. On my third BMW and my first BMW with Tire Pressure Monitoring.

I have an '08 KGT, putting the bike at 4 years old and in line for a replacement of the TPM sensors due to dead batteries. I have the yellow "!" and the rear tire pressure shows intermittently.

Question 1: The only fix is sensor replacement, correct? Any tips for tricking the unit into working again? I juuuuuuust had the rear tire replaced and asked them to look at the TPM sensor. They thought they had it working, then put the tire back on and the sensor stopped working. They want another $150 to replace it. Sigh.

Question 2: Any tips for filling the air on the rear tire! Just stopped by my local gas station and realized there's no way to get the air hose on the raised and very rigid TPM-enabled tire nipple. Do I have to find a BMW-certified gas station with a BMW-certified tire pump? "You got me, BMW; you got me! Good one!"

Question 3: Any way I can just disable the TPM system? Anything I can just unplug to turn the whole thing off?

It would be great if BMW could code their firmware to hide the yellow "!" after 5 minutes of "no connectivity" with TPM. I think a constant nag is a little gratuitous; after 5 minutes of nag, I've got it.

Thanks for reading!