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Thread: fuel additive for r50/2

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    fuel additive for r50/2

    i inherited a 69 r50/2 last year. i am learning more about it everday. i have been told it runs on leaded gas. so i need to get a lead additive for it. if true what is the recommended type and what is the easiest way of measuring and the best way to store it while riding the bike on trips. what is the best grade of gas to get now that there is ethanol in it.

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    Probably all an additive is going to do is lighten your wallet. I ran unleaded in my R69S for a year or more...then I did a top end which changed the valves/seats to the unleaded variety. I've been running unleaded in my '73 Firebird for real harm.

    If you live near a station that sells "real" gas, you could put a tank of that in every 3rd or 4th tank. Find the nearest gas station at

    As for octane, the low compression engine should only require the lowest octane. If it doesn't ping on the low octane, you're fine. If you want to hedge your bets, use the middle grade. In the end, too much octane can leave deposits in the combustion chamber because it doesn't burn the way it should in a low compression engine.
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    I've been running my R60/2 on unleaded for 17 years. Don't worry about it.

    If you can only get 10% ethanol gas, keep an eye on your fuel lines, they may rot out from the inside.
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    Depending where you live, you may be able to find ethanol-free gas. It is widely available in So. Wisconsin, less so in Arizona:
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    thanks for the input.

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    Airplane Gas

    Before I had my engine rebuilt. I was able to get some 100 Octane Leaded AV gas and added a bit to each tankful just to be safe. It ran great on the 100% AV gas but 100 % was over kill an so I did a quart per tank.
    When you get around to the slingers. you can update the valves and seats. Most likely it is an over worried problem as stated by the experts.

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