Vintage Racing at Willow Springs took a new turn this weekend. As fun as this event is, it was taken up a notch when former greats Gary Nixon, Jay Springsteen and Reg Pridmore made appearances.

Nixon and Pridmore raced and The Springer lent support to the Nixon Team.

Nixon raced a Triumph Trident (and Thruxton) and had an unbelievable race against Scott Jennings on a Rocket III, with Jennings winning by maybe two feet. In their next race Scott‘«÷s bike seemed to have some problems which prevented him from being competitive and Nixon won by about one hundred yards.

After Nixons races I spent some time in his garage area yakiing it up with Gary, Jerry the bike owner and The Springer. All three were friendly, inviting and gracious. Naturally I asked for a received autographs on my BMW hat. Springer was exceptionally cool, very friendly. I mentioned a good friend of mine, Skip Van Leeuwen and both Nixon and Springer had anecdotes to share.

This was the best ‘«£Moto Corsica‘«ō to date and I for one will continue to attend especially if there is a chance to see some legends in the races. This is what it should be all about, old bikes and famous racers, family & dealer teams and some fabulous hardware too.

A Britten was there, owned by a team but not raced. Up close it‘«÷s really a piece of work. There was a non-raced ‘«£Yamaha Buell‘«ō , a super sport V-Max in all black, nasty looking. Some great old Guzzis, a Ducati 750SS and the typical lot of Matchless, Nortons, Triumphs, Vincents, BMW‘«÷s and so much more.

This is an art of the motorcycle where you can watch them race, touch them and even sit on a few here and there.

Next year I‘«÷ve decided to motorhome it with full compliment of BBQ, music et al. See you there.