What ticks? Camped every night in them Ozark woods, saw no ticks! BUT, sure heard about'em all about from others. Had me looking for'em every night and morning as I camped. Ticks are much more rare where I live in the desert. We have Rattlers and Gila Monsters(Big LIZ, poisonous). I even saw no snakes, but turtles all about the place. The turtles must have a run going, multiplying like rabbits in the Ozarks. I did see one snake crossing the road, but unsure what type it was. Maybe one of those Cotton Mouth's or the like. I don't like'em, keep my distance. We even have the famed Desert Tortoise, rarely seen in the Mojave, but there indeed. A world apart, the wilderness/woods of the Arkansas Ozarks. On my retirement short list of revisit sites. Randy