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    Exclamation Big Bend

    The Hill Country BMW Riders group out of Austin recently spent a long weekend touring the Big Bend area of West Texas. One perspective on the history, geology, and culture is at this link:

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    I have been there.. and it is great...

    I was car camping with the family... but wishing i was on my bike so many times....

    There are some many great dirt roads... a GS dream...

    Big Bend Texas Ranch State Park is even more amazing and less known to some... you can camp right next to the river (Mexico a stones throw away)... like New Mexico..

    BUT... Big Bend make New Mexico look like like a city park....

    Thanks for the great video...

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    A wonderful secret! Thanks for sharing the fun in your video!

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    Big Bend has been on my list for awhile, its just move up a few places. Very nice.

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    I went to Big Bend in 1984 during my six month trip to nowhere in particular. I tried again about 6 years ago but by the time I got to Monroe LA my bike was overcharging and had to be trailered back to Motorrad Elektrik. So, it's back on my list.
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