Yesterday the Tour of California bike race came to our town (Aptos, in Santa Cruz County) from San Francisco. Some of the best riders from around the world completed the 2nd stage of the 115 mile road course. A great race!!!

You might ask, why post a bike race on a BMW motorcycle forum? Well, a lot of the support vehicles (tires, television cameras etc.) are made up of an assortment of BMW motorcycles. It hit me how skilled the motorcycle drivers have to be to stay out of the way of the bikes on some of the narrow descents they made yesterday while riding two up with the camera man sitting backwards filming. Speaking of skill, looking through a view finder for 4 1/2 hours looking backward without loosing your cookies on a narrow road would have to rate pretty high on the skill level!!! Any how, being at street level and seeing first hand the speed that the bike and motorcycle riders travel at on the regular roadway without special barriers was amazing. Television coverage does not do it real justice!