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Thread: hid xenon bulb

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    hid xenon bulb

    just bought 2004 r1150 gsa and the bulb is out on the left side headlight- pulled the bulb and attached wiring and then found paperwork for "hid xenon motorcycle headlight conversion kit to suit bmw r 1150gs/adventure" so confident this is what it is went to website but can't find bulb replacement HELP!! says pillips 9006

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    A Philips 9006 is NOT an HID xenon. Perhaps the previous owner removed the HID kit before selling it? Can you trace the wiring to a HID ballast (black box) that is spliced into the factory wiring?

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    So we need more information -

    Actual HID units will last about forever, so I wonder what burned out? There isn't so much a bulb in a real HID as a unit with wires that run back to a cigarette pack sized ballast that would be zip tied in place.

    If you don't have this, you have a Halogen bulb. If you do have this, replacing the entire thing is probably a $40 exercise. Try DDM Tuning.

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