Hi everyone, I am new to the K family and I was wondering if I can get some advice. My wife had a 2010 F650gs and we traded it of on a 05 K1200s and after a while I just had get one also. Long story short I picked up an 06 K1200s with only 5k miles. My wifes bike have MVerholen 85mm handlebar risers on it and it is very comfortable since I'm used to my 1150 gs. My K12s have the original handlebars on it, (I think). The bars are tilted forward and I just want to know if thats normal or are they bent? Shouldn't they be straight in line with the triple tree????? This position is killing my wrists and very uncomfortable on 500 mile a day trips. I tried to adjust them but it does not appear to be possible. Any help would be appreciated. I also want to ask you guys if you take all the slack out of the throttle cable??