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Thread: Southern Virginia July 4th Celebrations

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    July 4th

    I'm not sure what goes on in C-Burg or B-burg on the 4th, but there likely is something. I do know that Roanoke has a celebration the evening of the 4th. A concert by the Roanoke Symphony that culminates in fireworks.
    I'm in Floyd County, not to far from C-burg. My brother is coming in on the 4th and we are loading our GSs on a trailer to take to VIR. We are also doing the CLASS on the 5th.
    I'll look around and see what is going on locally for the 4th.
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    Thanks! I look forward to meeting up with you at the CLASS course.

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    Floyd Country Store

    Anytime I am within striking distance of Floyd, VA I try to stop by the Floyd Country Store on Friday evening for the Jamboree. There are events on other days besides Friday as well. In summer there is more entertainment outside the store than on the stage. Great music and very friendly folks.
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