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Thread: Improved Vest Adapter for Roadcrafter

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    Improved Vest Adapter for Roadcrafter

    I figured out this was a better way to rig the adapter, with a loop to secure the dangling cord. Full details on my blog.

    Was going to show a picture. Had successfully done this just now in the photo test thread. So, it won't let me upload that photo again!
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    two piece road crafter is a very well made suit ... but not very versatile due to it's heavy construction.

    mine is not good for temps much over 80f degrees. meaning that it's ideal for extreme cold weather duties. which means heated gear.

    IMHO a lack of planning for heated gear controller/wiring makes using heated gear with RC two piece a real PITA.

    whereas the opposite is true for one piece road crafter. it's more versatile being able to tolerate up to 85-90f and best of all it's heated gear friendly.

    controller hangs nicely on side strap. just below is side zipper, wires tucks in nicely with no fuss.

    this is why my two piece RC is in new condition, it never gets used. whereas my one piece RC is constantly used. one piece is a pita going into stores, restaurants and bathrooms.

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