I just got back from a 3,000 mile loop from the mid-Atlantic up into Canada and around the Great Lakes and back down through the mid-West to home and we were camping so space on the bike was a premium and the temp and weather was over a wide range. We rode in nearly 90 F to 32F and lots of rain. Layering is the real solution.

Depending on the weather for the day, I'd wear a base layer of the thinnest tech wick or under armor to thicker smart wool on my legs. Over that I wore my Rev'it Airwave mesh pants which are very comfortable and flow air well. When it was colder I wore the Smartwool and layered on my rain pants. I always felt completely comfortable across all these temp and weather extremes with that.

Up top, I always wore a thin tech wicking base layer and would layer on that my Gerbing liner under my riding jacket. My riding jacket for this trip is weather proof so I'd only through on the rain jacket in the hardest downpours.

I guess I'm relaying all that because I feel with the right layering choices you don't have to make any compromises of comfort across any but the most extreme temp ranges.

And, just to be clear - I'm no fan of the Motoport gear either and can't get past the look and the fact that I can't go try it on and look at it before I buy it. I want great protection but the hassle factor is too high to order and send it back over and over until I get it to fit right and look decent.

I don't doubt that the higher priced BMW stuff is really fine and protective gear. But, matching up specs on thicknesses of textiles and ratings for armor, there's other stuff out there that seems to be comparable and less spendy. I guess time will tell for me if it's durable and lasts for years like so many report on the BMW gear.