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Thread: Tubeless Tire Repair. Ride on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    Funny how folks confuse data with "opinion."

    Tire manufacturers will specify that the only acceptable tubeless tire repair involves removing the tire from the wheel and applying an internal patch with feature that projects into the hole as shown in ...

    Consider an externally applied plug temporary.

    There may be "opinions" that one can do less, but the better word is "rationalization." As in ...
    At today's labor rates that repair would cost as much as getting a new tire. The part that I object to is reaming the hole bigger on a MC tire. Having fixed tires like that long ago, you always cut some strands when you do that.

    Just a good inner tube patch on the inside with glue in the hole, on a MC tire that will be worn out in a year or less is sufficient.

    My opinion


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    I have ridden plenty of tires with plugs . one started leaking after a couple of thousand miles i replaced it. tires just dont last that long any way. i cant afford to just throw away a new tire. seems like they are the single biggest expence

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    Lightbulb roadside tire repair

    Riding back from Virginia last year I picked up a nail in my rear tire somewhere in Kentucky (the tire had only about 2,000 miles on it). I had a plugging kit I bought at Walmart and a tire compressor, but it was leaking slowly, so I just stopped every hour and put air in the tire. I was unwilling to try the plug out on the road. After getting home, I pulled the nail and plugged the tire, aired it up and checked that it was not leaking. It has been a few months and 800 miles, and still no leak. The plug looks like a deck screw with a wing on it. I screwed it into the nail hole until the head was flush, and broke off the wing. No reaming the hole, no goop, just the screw. It is bright orange, and is clearly visible in the tire. They are 4 for about $8, weigh nothing, take little space, and require no special tools. So far, so good!

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    I plugged a rear tire last July in Ohio, coming back from the Des Moines rally and a visit to my daughter in Olathe, Kansas.

    It was a very small sliver of steel. I plugged it and it is holding air just fine. I have no plans on replacing the tire. It was also a new tire - I had both tires replaced before heading out to Des Moines.
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    We've put as many as three to four thousand miles on a plugged tire, or rode on it until the tire was worn out.
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