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Thread: Skyline Drive Question.

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    We did the Skyline a few months back and it was a good ride, but no where near as fun as those other rides in TN (Their be Dragons among us)..

    The speed limit on the Skyline was 35 the entire way and we could have safely done 50 with our eyes closed.

    Also on the bike the views were ok at best since, unless you are a Pillon I could not see the Skyline being that "thrilling" of a ride..

    Just my .02 cents for what it is worth...

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    With all due respect to the Skyline, 35 mph is too sedate for me to fully enjoy. I'm making my first trip to the area and wanted to ride the Skyline from Front Royal to Shenandoah National Park and do the full BRP to Cherokee. Then the Dragon and Cherohola. All within a week then back to S. Florida.

    I have heard there are great roads around the popular Skyline, BRP and Dragon.....what might be a better option than the Skyline where I could still make my way on the BRP?
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    its a much nicer ride in the fall when the leaves are changing. I rode the SD two weeks ago and was lucky to hit 35 with all of the traffic.

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    The Skyline is only like 3 hours long if you go the speed limit. 110 miles if I recall correctly. Ride it early and there's no traffic or fee.

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