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    Jelly Ride

    Ran out of my favorite Mrs. Miller's Cherry Jelly so I went for a 103 mile late afternoon ride to resupply. The only place I know that stocks this jelly is the Baltic Mill, Baltic, Ohio. They still grind their own flours of all types at this mill. If you want a 50# bag of oatmeal they will make it up for you.

    I let my GPS guide me on beautiful curvy hilly roads in the heart of Ohio Amish country. Some of the high hill views across the farms and woods were outstanding. Most of the ride was in Holmes County. Lots of road apples. Lots of buggies and and Amish men and women walking and riding home from work on bicycles.

    Just as I before entering the village of Charm, I got caught in a pop up heavy rain. No safe place to pull over and suit up so I kept going. Rain mostly let up after 10 minutes, but I was pretty soaked...stock windshield on a K1200RS does not give much protection.

    Shortly after going through Farmerstown, I encountered two Amish men driving a heard of 20-30 dairy cows down the two lane shoulders, just ditches. No where to go so I moved to the side to let them pass. All was fine until a bull tried to mount a cow less than 20' in front of me. The cow just kept moving, so he was not successful. The bull gave me the evil eye but decided his girlfriend was more interesting and I was not a threat, so he followed her down the road.

    After the herd passed, I rode to the Baltic Mill and was starting to dry out by the time I got there. Bought my jelly...they had a unusually good inventory so I stocked up. The clerk wrapped the jars in newspaper so they would not break in my saddlebag. We talked for a few minutes and I headed out.

    Could see the dark clouds were still to the north so I took the southern route home...not as quite as much fun, but still a curvy road that mostly follows the river valleys. Pulled in to my garage just as the rain started rolling in.

    It was a beautiful relaxing ride!
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    My kind of ride........

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