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Thread: Meeting the Need For a Burrito

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    Meeting the Need For a Burrito

    Have had a burrito on the brain for a few days. Decided yesterday to move it to the digestive track by riding to Fairplay, Colorado, a small county seat located in the high alpine meadows of South Park. The Brown Burro Cafe there serves big, killer burritos. Could have been 50,000 calories, I wouldn't have cared!

    Along the way decided to find and pause at a couple of "then" locations, and capture the difference over past 100 years.

    The very small community of Grant in the Platte Canyon was a train stop before the train stopped running in the 1930's. Here's one of the last trains to pass by...

    U.S. 285 is now on the old train bed...

    Well, Fairplay is reached on the other side of Kenosha Pass, but before burrito consumption commenceth, two old structures to find. The frontier Fairplay Presbyterian Church 120 years ago...

    Now, it would have been great for comparison if there wasn't a new Fairplay High School built in the past year!

    You want to spend the night in Fairplay 100 years ago? Here's your main option, the Fairplay Hotel...

    And the options aren't that numerous today either, though there is now a new motel on the outskirts of town now. If you choose "history" as the lodging option, this place might keep you restless as you try to get your beauty rest. Supposedly, it is quite the haunted place!

    And the "horse" delivering the historical tour. We're near 10,000ft. altitude here. Three peaks scraping the air above 14,000ft. are in the distance... Mts. Democrat, Bross, and Lincoln. Fairplay is two miles behind me. Encroaching, cold clouds helped with the lighting...

    And I did get that big burrito! But the theme of this ride report was an afterthought, so nothing but a pic of the inside of the Brown Burro from a previous visit. But perhaps you can relate to the attention your taste buds sometimes demand!

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    Jack Herbst
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    So where is the picture of the Burrito?

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    Excellent "then" and "now" pics! Thanks for sharing.
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    I hate to bring this up, but you missed a great then and now pic.

    Shoulda taken a pic of the buritto when it was served to you and then the damage you did to it before you left!

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    Yes, I did goof on the burrito image... before and after. That's what I get for not thinking of the theme until sitting here at the PC! Oh, but it was goooooood!

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    Great "then" and "now" photos. We rode up Co. 9 last June from Royal Gorge to Breckenridge. We passed through Fairplay. Thought it was a really quaint town. Wish that we had been able to spend some time there. Maybe we'll pass through there again this month on our way to Vancouver and spend the night at the Fairplay Hotel. There was a lot more snow on the mountains last year than there appears to be now. It was really beautiful.

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