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Thread: New 1300gt, questions

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    New 1300gt, questions

    Tues, i got my 2010' low milage(7k), k1300gt and feel like I have been found what i have been looking for during the last few years.

    Very happy! Best of many worlds.

    Noticed a high pitched whistle, starting about 4000 rpm.

    At around 7k rpm, I backed off because of vibration, mostly through the seat I think. This seems wrong considering the redline shows 10 k on the tack. Is all this normal with this motor.

    Thanks for any responses.

    Do any of you run regularly above 5 or 6k rpm?

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    Nobody ride a 1300gt? Maybe I should rephrase better questions.

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    My K1300GT Experience

    Sounds like you have something going on there. I have a 2010 K1300GT with 23,000 miles and have never experienced the high pitched whistle or vibration like you are describing, even when running steady at 5K to 6K RPM or higher. Do you have the vibration at higher RPM in every gear, so it is clearly engine speed related? Or are you experiencing this only at those RPM when you are in 6th gear, so it is more bike speed related? If it is the latter it may be something like worn tires, a wheel out of balance, maybe a drive shaft issue. My experience has been this bike will cruise smoothly as fast as your nerve will let you; it's deceptively fast because it is so smooth. Much different from the R1150R I had previously, on which I could gauge engine speed by how much vibration was coming through the seat.

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