Bought a 2007 RT1200 with 1100 miles and drove it back to Atlanta from Boston November 2011. No brake issues and rode it for 6 mos with now 4900 miles. The brake fluid and all fluids changed by BMW dealer March 2011 by original owner and I changed rear & transmission in January 2012. Last month, the ABS brakes went out with less than 5000 miles and BMW and the dealers acknowledge they know there is a problem with the brake pumps. They refuse to work with me saying I'm not the original owner wanting $1300 to fix it. This is my second BMW and my last! You pay more for a BMW and you expect a quality product. This will eventually ruin the resell of BMW bikes. I was going to buy another used BMW, but a different model and decided against it.
Being told not to wait two years per the BMW maintains schedule to replace brake fluid but ever 12 months. One dealer tells me it's the pumps not the fuild that is the Issue. I realize the 3 warranty is up, but you know there is a problem and you won't resolve it.