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Thread: Size of rivets in type3 Integral body latch

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    Size of rivets in type3 Integral body latch


    Does anyone know what size rivets are needed to re-attach the latches onto a type3 pannier? If it makes a difference it's the latch that secures the bag to the mounting frame. TYIA


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    Please read: - that's useful info for people to know if you expect intelligent answers.

    As far as rivets - pop-rivets for the cases, I seem to recall using 1/16" ones many many years ago. It's not an exact match for the metric sized rivets, but it worked.
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    Smile rivit size

    when i replace mine the rivet size i used was 3/32 which are easy to find. bob

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    I went with the 3/8" size rivet, no washers. After putting one in and yanking it with a bunch of force from a bunch of different vectors I was satisfied it was holding pretty much as it should be. May or may not put a dab of silicone after the first (rain) ride (which should be this weekend now that camping gear is organized and panniers are set!). Thanks very much for all the help folks.


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