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Thread: Tires/battery

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    Need new rear tire and a battery. I've been using conti k112, now about $150. Any other options? Have seen people using tractor batteries from Walmart, not sure of exact models that would fit my 74 R90/6.

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    Tire...Avon Road Rider would be my choice...actually I did for my /7! Inch-size dimensions...always good.

    As for battery from Wally World, they'll just need something that is no bigger than the stock size and has terminals that will match up.
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    Thumbs up Batteries...

    I have only been dealing with Beemers for about a year, but my '80 R100RT had a POS generic battery that would not hold a good charge and was a real "non-starter" when the temps dropped (I was in Calgary then...). On advice of Dave at Anderwerkes, I popped for an Odyssey (PC925L) back last November. Problem solved, and all of a sudden the "weak" stock charging system was plenty to keep it juiced, and it would always start easily, even in sub-freezing weather. It was a bit smaller than the one that was in there, but a bit of rubber fixed that.


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    +1 on the Avon RoadRiders. Best tires I've used on my bike in 20+ years. I use a Panasonic battery that I bought from Motorrad Elektrik about 4 or 5 years ago- it's still working pretty well and fits perfectly... I'll likely buy another when this one dies.
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    Problem with tractor battery from WalMart is that it may vent through the caps. You want a battery that vents via a hose, or you'll get lots of frame corrosion.
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