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Thread: Scorpion EXO 700

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    Scorpion EXO 700

    I can't remember how long I have had this helmet but last year at the national I went to a vendor who was a Scorpion rep who helped me learn how to change out the shields better as I was having problems. At that time, she told me that one side of the shield mechanism plate (not sure proper word) that holds the shield down was getting worn out and I needed to replace it.

    Today, I decided I would stop being lazy and finally replace the part on the helmet... it took me about a year to find the parts as I couldn't remember where I had put them... I happened to find them while looking for something else. I called Scorpion to have them tell me how to replace the part as I wasn't sure... I told the rep what was happening... he told me the screws were loose and I did not need to change out the mechanism part... I did indeed have 1 screw that was loose which I did not even know....

    How come the vendor at the rally who was a Scorpion rep did not know it was a simple screw versus the mechanism plate who tried to tell me I needed to change out the mechanism plate as they wear out quite often? Why can't vendors know the products they represent and sell?

    If anyone has problems with your shield mechanism plate, check your screws first to make sure they are tight.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I also have the EXO 700 and have never thought about checking those screws. I checked mine yesterday and they were fine, though I was able to tighten one of them about 1/8 of a turn. I do love my Scorpion helmet, it is getting close to time to replace it and am considering their EXO 900. Does anyone have the 900? I would love to hear your thoughts and evaluation.

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    Exo 900

    I just bought a 900 last weekend and have used it all this week going to work and back.
    The fit for me wasn't nearly as comfortable as the Bell Apex it replaced but after a week it seems to be "settling in". I have yet to find a helmet that fits like the Bell.
    Noise-wise it isnt bad at all except when the top vent is open. Then it is actually quieter to have the face shield open.
    I really like the flip down tinted visor.
    Overall I like the helmet so far, we'll see how I feel when I get back from Texas.
    I ride an R1150RT with an aftermarket Cee-Bailey windshield, but the comparison to the Bell is on the same bike.
    The Bell is pretty noisy on my RS so maybe I just have yet to experience a truly "quiet" helmet.
    Jim McGill
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