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    I don't want to bash any bodys business. Don't know how the admins will react. I just want to tell you of a recent experience with a vendor. Six weeks ago I ordered brakes for my 92 RT from a place called Perfect Brakes LLC. They took my $ fast through PayPal. I never received the product . I wrote 2 emails to them and never heard a peep.. I turned it into PP and wrote another email through them, still nothing. Today PP resolved my case and refunded the entire amount of the purchase. Thank goodness for PayPal. Be careful out there
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    Any reason not to give them a call rather than rely on just emails? I think we've seen this before where emails are sent to a vendor but no response and the parties give up. I see they have a 1-888 number. Just wondering...

    Remember, the company probably isn't a member here, so we might not have a chance to hear the whole story.
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