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Thread: GT Rider Footpeg Position

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    Actually, footpeg position is a big deal for many owners, Mike. I just bought a Verholen kit for my new R1200ST, and we're going to drop the pegs 40 mm and move them forward as far as possible.

    I don't think I could ride this bike very far with the stock peg location; it feels like a Ducati ST4s.

    Before I ordered the kit, I did some research on the topic, and there's quite a bit of interest.

    Hope you get yours sorted out; it doesn't sound like it'll be too difficult.

    P.S. My techs installed my kit today; they had to fabricate a spacer screw thingie on the sidestand so it would clear the extender parts. Verholen does warn of this in their write up.

    But I have lots of leg room now. And the same peg to ground clearance as an RT.
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