Hi Group,
I started the 77 R100RS today to go for the first ride of the season.
All seemed fine but when I engaged the clutch and selected 1st gear, the bike lurched forward. The clutch doesn't engage when I pull the lever back. I tried adjusting the lever by backing the nut all the way back, then resetting the bottom end. Nothing seemed to help. When the bike is in gear the lever moves normaly and the arm moves normaly at the tranny but the clutch won't engage. I tapped the tranny with a rubber mallet and everything started working again. I took the bike out for a ride and all is well. Did something get stuck due to the winter layup?
Is this common or do I need to think about taking things apart and replacing clutch parts. Not sure when the splines were lubed last. Bike has 87000 km, the last 10,000 by me.I adjusted the clutch and went for a test ride and all is working well. No slipping at low or high gears and the tranny shifts well( for a bmw,lol)
I checked the archives but did not find anything...
Thanks for your help with this.