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Thread: What air head to buy

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    He is 22 ,will do mechanical work with some supervision, as far as money he is very scroogelike . His 2003 suv is paid for and he is taking college classes as he can afford to pay cash for them, slowly.
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    Does it have to be an Airhead ? I have seen some very good prices on R1100RS's (Oilhead)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 26667 View Post
    buy one that's been ridden and well maintained. low miles and old bike are a bad (read:$$$) combination. upgraded and convenience-ized is good. i.e. brown side-stand, better electrics, better seat; stuff like that is nice too.

    but they're wonderful machines!!!
    gotta disagree about low miles and old bikes are a bad combo. do agree about airheads with upgrades like high output alternators already done.

    there is no substitute for low miles. aside from a frame off restoration with a complete engine and transmission rebuild.

    NO you cannot expect a low miles/old bike to be reliable with no effort. but costs to get that low miles bike to reliable condition will be lower than one with high miles.

    generally what needs replacement on low mile/old bikes are low costs items like seals. but high labor to get at. so if you are handy with tools, definitely better off with a low miles bike.

    for example... the 60k miles airhead may or may not be cost effective. for instance airhead transmissions are known to need attention after about 50k miles. so you may be looking at a transmission job soon.

    each airhead has it's strengths and drawbacks. R80 with monolever final drives generally will last life of bike. paralever count on maintenance every 50k miles or so. etc, etc.

    costs to maintain/rebuild airheads are a fraction $$$ for modern BMW motorcycles loaded with high tech electronics. want an unpleasant surprise... look up what it cost to fix a broken ABS on R1200

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