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Thread: New member in Edmonds, Washington

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    New member in Edmonds, Washington

    Id like to say Hi to Greg T. in Everett, Wa. if you are reading this, thanks for turning me on to the BMWOA forum. I have recently bought a GS 1200 Adventure...What a wonderfull machine! I've been riding street bikes for 25 years now. Five years ago I was introduced to the world of off road Dualsport with a Suzuki DRZ 400. Whole new horizons were opened up to me. But gradually,I was dragged kicking & screaming into single track riding by my more experienced riding buddys, & found that I liked it too. sold the DRZ & picked up a more capable KTM 350 to do that, but the allure of the open roads, both paved & dirt, was still calling. My wife & I have enjoyed long journeys on my Harley, but we were limited to the pavement, gravel was verboten! now we have the best of both worlds at our disposal. Options are good! We are looking forward to some more great adventures on the GS.

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    Welcome to the forum! That GS should do the trick...lots of nice roads, asphalt and dirt up there in the Great North Wet. Have fun!!
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    Congratulations on your new motorcycle!
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    Congrats on the new GS, and welcome to the forum...from another Puget Sounder...

    Bill Johnston

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