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Thread: Heated question....

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    Heated question....

    Does anyone use Powerlet Heated jacket liners here? Just wondering how they compare to Gerbings, Kanetsu, etc. In my area I was told Powerlet may be easier to deal with for any warranty issues since they are a Michigan (local for me) company. I did a few searches but didn't see anything.
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    I bought mine this year. Excellent. The controller they sell is the Warm N Safe controller. I got the wireless double controller & bought their glove liners as well. Have not used the liners yet, as I need some over sized gloves. Mine all fit like, well like a glove...

    The liner warms you all over. I bought it at a show & they fit me, basically, they want it to fit snug. I would not have purchased this size on my own, but they say to wear it over a long sleeve T or something like the LD comfort top. Being snug gets the heat to your body.

    So far, the only complaint I have is that the controller fits in a pocket & is a little lumpy, but that would be the same issue no matter the brand using a wireless controller. I'd say it is a non-issue really...

    I really like it so far.


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    Powerlet Heated Jacket

    +1 on the Powerlet heated jacket. Keeps me roasty toasty on sub-freezing days.


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