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    Boots Q


    UPDATE: My Beloved went up to the Ruidoso (NM) Rally yesterday, and got a screaming deal on some Roadgear WOMEN'S boots - sorry, not sure of the name of the model, but these are VERY well-made items, and would deserve a look for those interested in WOMEN-specific Euro-style boots. The vendor was "packing-up" on the last day of the Rally, and -- these were the perfect size, and constituted the one of only two pair of "Euro-style" boots amid a sea of Harley-centric, fashion-first, function-second, stacked-heel, I need a new whip with this, footgear.

    THANK YOU ALL for your suggestions, and trying them on made all the difference, as the indicated "sizes" on various brands are a real crap-shoot, as many have noted here.

    * * * W.E. * * *

    Women, I need your help. Time for new boots for my beloved S.O., and she fearlessly rides pillion on (mostly) western U.S. roads.

    The two main models that we've looked at online are:

    Gaerne Black Rose, for around $160, and
    Tourmaster Women's Solution 2.0 Waterproof Tour Boots, universally sold at $107.99. (Some "mixed" customer reviews on this one - mostly around inconsistent sizing.)

    No real sizing issues - 7M(B). She's had lace-up "military" style boots to date, but wants zips, and comfortable walking footwear. NO stacked heels, please.

    Any input welcome -- price is secondary, although I'd like to keep it under $200.

    As an aside, I just spent about an hour looking at women's motorcycle footwear, and am astounded at the variety offered when a woman rides a Harley. Not very much variety when one favors the "Euro look," and when FUNCTION trumps FORM.

    Thank you, and Big Love goes out to each and every one of you precious jewels.

    Walking Eagle
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