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Thread: I hate my helmet...HELP

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    Question Vemar Helmet?

    Has anyone tried any of the Italian made Vemar Helmets? I was looking at the Evo TC but I can't find a USA dealer list so I can try one on. They say it fits a more oval head and since the new Schuberth doesn't I was looking elsewhere. I currently have two Schuberth Concepts but they are at the end of their useful range.
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    I hate my helmet...

    I have Nolan and HJC flipfaces. Both are made for round heads. My head is oval. Even the Schuberth feels like a round helmet. Arai and Shoei are oval. Getting ready to drop a bundle for a new helmet. Get one that fits YOU and doesn't have that hotspot across the foreheard. As for earplugs, I just take out my hearing aids.

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    I'm looking into the Shark Evoline 3...
    Anyone have any thoughts on it???
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    Get these, wind noise GONE! I used foam for years, but they can't hold a candle to these for consistent insertion and seal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pffog View Post
    Get these, wind noise GONE! I used foam for years, but they can't hold a candle to these for consistent insertion and seal.
    Hmmmm.... look interesting. Cheap enough to give them a try. And the timing is right as my custom made plugs are getting pretty grungy in spite of being washed often. I'm afraid the next time they get washed they'll fall apart.

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    I had a HJC modular for several years, just changed to a Shoei Qwest full face. It's not quiet, but it's quieter, attributed to a better seal around the shield and fewer seams. Wind coming over the top of the windscreen hits me pretty much center of my face, but it's really quiet if I duck down below the flow, so I'm also going to look into a higher windscreen for longer rides.

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    I recently purchased a Nolan N 104. It is a very quiet helmet on the inside. It is so quiet in fact, that now the only way for me to hear the factory, crappy stereo on my LT, is to turn it up so loud it sounds like nothing but snow and garble!

    I cannot live without tunes, so I had to spend another $300 and get the N-com.........
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