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Thread: battery tender boil over

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    battery tender boil over

    has anyone had any problems with an aparently good battery on a battery tender being boiled dry after a few weeks?
    I put my battery in storage for the winter, plugged into the tender and came back to check on it and found all the cells had been boiled dry. Any insight would be great.
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    When you say "battery tender" do you mean that specific brand made by Deltran or are you using that term for "generic battery charging device"? I've never had a Deltran device (or any other kind of "smart" charger) harm a battery. I have had them fail, but the failure mode has so far been "fail to charge". I have had batteries destroyed by older, stupid "trickle chargers".

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    Not likely

    I've used the same real Deltran battery tender (sr) since 2000 on three batteries and never had a problem. With their smart circuitry, doubt it will happen.

    Dumb trickle chargers, unmonitored daily, poblems very likely.
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    Doesn't sound like you have the real deal and it cost you a bettery.
    Get a decent modern maintainer, ideally 3A or so max current so it will do discharged bike batteries in a sane time period.
    Suggest the Optimate model designed for BMW CANbus bikes or an Xtreme but there are plenty of other good ones.
    The 1A Yuasa or even the newer real Battrey Tender cheapies are ok for maintenance only and often will fail to charge deeply discharged stuff, especially the Odyssey commonly used a replacment.

    Throw out all your old trickle charge junk- not worth even having in the garage...

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    First question how old was the battery?
    I ask that because when a cell leaks or fails it will boil out, no matter how good of care they only last so long. Just got eight years out of a airplane battery about twice the norm. Always used a battery tender on a timer, finally gave up the ghost last month
    +1 on the optimate charger have two and they work super

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