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Thread: Nexx xr1r??

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    Nexx xr1r??

    I'm tempted by this helmet, particularly the Carbon, because of the very light weight and moderate oval shape. I have an old neck injury to cope and would like as little weight on my head as possible. Anyone care to comment on Nexx quality, sound protection and fit for a narrow head? Usual lid is Arai Profile or Signet Q.

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    webBikeWorld has a review of it:

    They say is is "neutral" shaped, which will be rounder than your current helmets. The fit could be a problem for you.
    Mark M, St. Louis, '13 R1200GS

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    My Nexx XR1R

    I have the same model, but in yellow. I assume the carbon one is similar except for the shell.

    Mine is very light and the eyeport is big so vision is good. Comfortable lining, although after 3-4 hours, I tend to get a pressure headache on the top of my skull from the helmet. It goes away after taking off the helmet for about 90 seconds. The faceshield is slightly annoying, no quick release so you need to have a quarter or nickel to change the screws. The quality is excellent.

    Venting is OK, but the chin vent is always flopping open in cold weather, a mild annoyance. Another annoyance is that the interior lining occasionally comes loose, although it is easy to fit it back.

    I had to send my original one back. I wanted a size between a large and extra large, I settled on the extra large and put in foam spacers.

    Would I buy another? Yes, but I'd get a carbon fiber one. If the carbon one is lighter than mine, it would feel like very little weight.

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    Good point, MarkM. Hard to know what use their included package of stick in foams would be if the fit is wrong. Thanks.

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