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Thread: Old Roadcrafter

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    Old Roadcrafter

    Inherited an old Roadcrafter one piece suit with a manufactured date of 1992. The suit is 20 years old but looks as if it has been hanging in the closet most of its life. Has lots of velcro on the outside of sleeves and chest. What was the velcro for? The suit has some kind of additional soft style padding material . Suit says it is Gortex and is quit stout and heavy. Can anyone tell me what advances the suit has gone through in the last 20 years? Would a 20 year old roadcrafter still be considered road worthy? Color is a greenish gray with black knee and leg padding.

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    Hanging in a closet out of the UV light is good.
    Velcro is to stick map pouches and stuff to it.
    Latest improvment has been more water resistant zippers, and pad material.
    And the price..... 20 years ago had to be less than $500.
    If it fits, id say use it. It will save your hide when you go down.
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    I know a few folks that have been wearing their same Aerostich suit when they ride for about 20 years.
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    If needed I think you can send it in for alterations and even upgrades to the waterproof zippers.

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    My current Aerostich was manufactured in 1987. I bought it barely used in 1994 and have put about 95k on it over the years. It still is about as waterproof as a new one (with proper nikwaxing with washes) though the Velcro is beat up and the grey has also taken on a slight greenish tint. I sent it in to Aerostich and they gave it a good look over, fixed a few zippers and replaced some Velcro. When I mentioned the age of the suit they said they get old ones in for repair all the time. These suits are bulletproof, but you can always send it in to have the awesome folks at Aerostich give it a look. They are truly wonderful people and will happily answer any questions you might have.

    I would highly recommend upgrading to the new hard shell pads, it is only about $70. When I took my old pads out to do the replacement the difference with the new was night and day.

    I did win a new one at the 1998 Georgia Mountain Rally, and destroyed it less than a year later in a pretty bad accident in the middle of the Delaware memorial bridge - that suit was a big reason why I am still alive and riding today.

    Edit: the Velcro on the sleeve is to hold a clear map pocket (also should be matching strips on top of the left leg for a bigger version), on the torso in the back sides it is to adjust the girth. Have fun finding all the pockets, speaking of which don't make the mistake of putting your wallet in the outer chest pocket, unless it is waterproof
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    +1 on what Ted Sed.

    I have a Roadcrafter from ~2001 which has seen a fair number of miles, and in probably the harshest use: daily commuting, including being balled up and stuffed in a trunk every day at the office. Last fall I sent it back to Aerostich for a washing, refresh of the rain repellant, and replacement of the original zippers with the new more water-resistant Roadcrafter zippers. Got it back in like-new condition, except it is already broken in

    Absolutely use your closet-find! If you have any doubts, ship it off to Aerostich for a lookover, and consider the updated zipper replacement (really not that costly).

    They have excellent customer service on old stuff -- I have an old Aerostich heated jacket (an Unobtainium model, which old folks will recognize as being sold before they had to change the name for trademark reasons). I purchased a new Darien jacket last year, and the updated inner zipper (to use the heated jacket as an inner liner) wouldn't match the old jacket. Aerostich didn't blink an eye -- sent the Unobtainium in, they replaced the old zipper for a nominal fee, and I'm back in business.
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    I had to check out this thread-saw old roadcrafter and thought someone was looking for me
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