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Thread: summer jacket needed

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    summer jacket needed

    Hi all, I am in need of a new summer riding jacket, something with a lot of airflow,live in Mobile, Alabama where the humidity is high and so are the temps. most of the time. Wearing an old First Gear Meschtex Jacket that should have been retired years ago. Any suggestions from the group, any favorites?Good quality Jacket is what I want.

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    Revit makes some nice stuff and have light colors. Yeah gets dirty quicker but never made sense to me to have a black mesh jacket when black material gets 30 degrees hotter absorbing the sun. Olympia makes nice stuff too and again in lighter colors. Olympia costs less but I find Revit a bit better quality. I have both in jackets and pants. Get some Held summer gloves and you are ready for that hot as hell southern summer I no longer miss.

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    I am a fan of Olympia mesh. Buy it at the MOA rally and save!
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    +1 rev it

    [QUOTE=Jogitu;775241]Revit makes some nice stuff and have light colors. Yeah gets dirty quicker but never made sense to me to have a black mesh jacket when black material gets 30 degrees hotter absorbing the sun.

    I bought a vented rev it suit last year before I headed to the left coast from chicago. It was HOT last summer, you may recall. The suit worked well...or as well as could be expected with 100+temps and very high humidity. The only drawback was that you have to remove the jacket and/or the pants in order to put on the waterproof liner.

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    ++1 rev it
    I have a Rev It Air jacket that has kept me cool on a K100RT over 100 degrees temp

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    BMW Airflow 3 jacket and pants have been great up in this part of the country during the hot days and I added a BMW Airshell last year for Hi-Viz and as long as you control the airflow up the sleeves they work great!
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    Thumbs up +1 Revit Airwave

    I have both the BMW Air jacket which is a great 4 season jacket for weather in Georgia. the removable liner is a great benefit of this jacket and it fits well with good comfort.

    For summer, I bought the Revit Airwave jacket and pants. They are the ticket for our southern summers and they are also very comfortable... The price is right too. Both jacket and pants for less than $400.

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    Another Olympia fan here. Can't go wrong with the Airglides and the price is so much easier to take than the Rev It or BMW gear.

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    Summer Jacket

    Another vote for the BMW Airflow 4 jacket (and pants). I wore these to last summer's BMWMOA Rally in PA -- it got to 104F, I kept hydrated and had no problems particularly while riding. And, yes, it's black -- BMW uses a special coating that reflects UV radiation to help avoid the buildup of heat.


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    My vanson flows more air than any other mesh jacket I have used, you can get them in silver now, but not in hi viz colors. When it is really hot i use the vanson, other times I use my hi viz sliders.
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    I bought a BMW Venting Machine jacket 3 years ago. Even with armor in the elbows, shoulder, and back the jacket flows more air than any of my other (Tourmaster, Olympia, Joe Rocket, or Mossi mesh jackets). Alas the BMW jacket is not Hi-Viz but maybe that option will become available.
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    If you want to save some money. I just bought a Cortech GX Air 2 from for $109 including shipping. It's a mesh jacket that comes with a rain liner and a thermal liner. A full three season jacket. Nice jacket with body armor for a little bit of money.

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    I bought a First Gear mesh jacket last year after about two weeks of near 100 degree weather. It is great in hot weather. Feels almost like you are wearing no jacket ar all when moving. Only wear this one at 80 and above.

    It does have a waterproof, windproof liner that might make it Ok for lower temps. I will give that a try this year. No room for 2 jackets on trips, so I need to figure it out. I take my Gerbing jacket liner on trips, even in the summer, so I might be able to use the two together for the entire temp range.
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    Motoport or Olympia

    I have both the Motoport Kevlar Mesh is the most prtoective of any mesh by far, by really far. Of the others the Olympia is best as it is Cordura Nylon not polyester. Much less likely to melt.
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    Leather or Motoport if you want real protection. I'm heading there (Motoport) shortly... care to join me for a good ride?

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