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Thread: "K" Bike comfort

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    "K" Bike comfort

    Question, is the "K" GT a more relaxed ride position, than say an R1150R?..or is it more cramped / folded?

    Thanks, Ron

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    K-Bike Comfort

    I haven't ridden an R1150R but I own a K1300S and have ridden the R1200GS and GSA. I have no issue with my K-bike on long trips regarding back, legs or arms (my rear gets a little numb if I don't move around on the stock seat though). The GS has a more upright seating position for sure -- I feel like I'm sitting on a bar stool the bikes are so tall.


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    K Bike Comfort

    I am 6' tall and ride a K1300GT. The riding position is more aggressive, leaned forward, than say a R1200RT. The pegs also feel a little farther back and a touch higher. For touring on this bike it is important to ensure the bike fits your body so you can take weight on the pegs and the seat, so there is not too much weight on your hands.

    The original seat was useless for me as the front of the seat collapsed whenever I braked hard. I could not generate enough squeeze with my knees to keep my hands light. I put on a bar back plate from Heli and had Rich's make a seat with more body in the front so it does not collapse.

    My position is now balanced for my body size, I can brake and hold my body in position by allowing weight to go to my feet, the front of the seat and by squeezing my knees. My hands are always light to operate the bike, unless I get tired and start riding in lazy mode. I lean forward from the hips and have a slight bend in my arms. On the few occasions that I want to tuck in, I can slide back on the seat a little.

    For my body shape, these changes give me a comfortable sport touring position that allows me to put in long days if required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 71243 View Post
    Question, is the "K" GT a more relaxed ride position, than say an R1150R?..or is it more cramped / folded?

    Thanks, Ron
    Yes, much. I owned an R1150R and have owned (and still do) an '08K12GT. Especially with bar risers and peg lowerers, the bike is very comfortable and roomy, with an upright seating position.

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