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Thread: Oil sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarbear View Post
    My 35 year old Airhead seems to have an endless lifespan! As I grow older into my 60s now, I figure the old twin will outlast me and then some. Oil in the motor has been all over the place, from auto oil to mc oil and I'm beginning to think it doesn't matter anymore, as this bike has my number in years and will win. My newer GSA gets mc Valvoline and even the old Airhead now too, same oil. KLR too, same oil here. I keep it simple, all bikes same oil brand. 380000 now on my Airhead, so it really just likes the oil kept on the full mark, not much else. Randy
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    These threads crack me up.

    As anal as most airhead owners seem to be about oil changing and maintenance.

    I'm beginning to think you could run about anything slippery in these motors, since it never stays in there very long any way.

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    1. Clean oil is better than dirty oil.
    2. Dirty oil is better than no oil.
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