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Thread: New Pinlock shield for my Shoei RF-1000

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    New Pinlock shield for my Shoei RF-1000

    Yeah, I meant to order one during the winter and forgot. (I've also tried a number of anti-fog fluids you apply to the inside of the shield, including the Webbike recommended "Defog-It." All have been SLIGHTLY better than nothing, but emphasis on the SLIGHTLY.)

    So, first ride of the season, I'm riding into a sky which has turned black. Should have just turned around, but didn't. So I get to enjoy a road covered with sleet, but since this is a backroad I can ride slow and not slide out. The real problem was the fogged up faceshield. So I open the face shield a bit, which solves the fogging problem while also adding rain drops to the inside of the shield. Vision VERY impaired. THIS SUCKS!

    So today I got a new clear shield with a a clear Pinlock internal shield for my RF-1000. When I donned the helmet to go outside and gaze around, I saw for lack of a better word "ghost images."

    So what do you experienced Pinlock users do? Change to the Pinlock shield when rain and/or cold seems quite possible, just get used to the slightly distorted vision, at least for daytime riding? I no longer ride at night.

    Your comments would be most welcome.
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    Doug, I've been there and done that with my Shoei last yr. But I haven't had any problem with distorted vision or ghost images with the clear shield. I made sure before I put it together that both surfaces were clean before snapping in the inside shield. I have to clean the bugs off after every ride and where sun glasses or blue blockers (for gray days). The pin shield sure solved the fogging problem! Maybe you got a bad shield? See if you can get a replacement from the dealer. Good luck.

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    I had a similar problem with my Pinlock. I discovered and peeled off an almost invisible protective cover on the Pinlock. Vision improved. It isn't that obvious but check to make sure you have removed this protective piece of plastic. I use the Pinlock all the time and it works.

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    Doug, please let me know if you have worked out the ghosting issue. I run the US operations for Pinlock and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with our product. All the suggestions seem spot on so if you continue to have a problem please let me know. Hope I am not breaking any rules here by identifying my connection with Pinlock.

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