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Thread: Cashiers, NC

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    Cashiers, NC

    Seeking GS's to ride Western NC. I reside in Cashiers.



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    Did you find some folks to ride with you? I love me some Cashiers...
    It's one of my favorite biking places in the world. I stay right there on the corner of 64 and 107, eat at the Cornucopea, hike the Horsepasture River falls, and cut up a whole lot of those roads. I'm drooling thinking about how much cooler it is up there compared to down here in the flatlands.
    I'm due for a ride up there in a month of so.
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    Thumbs up Bodacious Bear

    Fairly new restaurant about 1/2 north on 107 is the "Bodacious Bear"....very nicely redone....excellent band at night....nice crowd....highly recommended!!
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    I'd recommend joining the Asheville BMW Riders. There is a solid group of GS riders that are members there.

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    Here's an excellent route near you. Really, only the southern half is GS, the rest is expressway.

    Click here if you want to download the route. (click on the export button to download a .gpx file)

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    Marietta, SC

    I live down here in SC, not far from Hwy 11 and 178 (Rosman Hwy). It'd be interesting to ride with some W's.
    Good luck on finding some riding friends.

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