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Thread: Blue Ridge Parkway Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by PittsDriver View Post

    There's a ton of good roads there but for starters, 219 south to 250 to 28 south through green bank, right on 66 back over to 219 south. After all that you'll wonder why you're going any farther south.
    Stop in Green Bank to tour the radio telescope facility. Largest land based moveable structure on earth.

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    Fat Bear
    Excellent suggestions guys - thank you very much!

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    Awesome ideas and suggestions. Exactly what I'm looking for. Pictures to follow!
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    If you got a day at Deals Gap to kill (except a Sunday or Monday, Cafe REL is closed), do this:

    From the Deals Gap, take 28 to Franklin, NC. Stop at the hot spot gas station, each lunch at Cafe REL (MUST!) at the hot spot gas station either before you go to Highlands or coming back, depending on time you get there. Take 64 to Highlands, NC. Take 28 out of Highland until it straightens up around Walhalla, SC, turn around. Take 28/64 back to Franklin, NC. From Franklin, stay on 64 til you get to Wayah Rd on the right. Go on Wayah Rd to 19, take 19 to 129, follow 129 back to the gap. Send me many thanks when you get back.

    You could also go to the Dilliard, GA from Highlands and go back to Franklin to Wayah Rd. In Dilliard, they have a hotel/restaurant called The Dilliard House. It's a Southern Buffet style restaurant. They just put everything on the menu on your table and you eat what you want and ask for more of anything you want. It's a lot of local fresh vegetables and stuff. It's real good. Hotel is really dated though.

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    Marion VA-In the middle of some of the best riding in the country.
    When you get down here in the mountains where NC,VA, TN and WV meet, you can do like many of us who live here. We don't pick a road as much as a direction. We almost always enjoy a good ride on good roads. If you don't care where you are, you are not lost and almost every road comes out somewhere. We have a lot of great rides we can't duplicate.
    'You can say what you want about the South, but I almost never hear of anyone wanting to retire to the North.

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    Ain't that the truth !

    I get asked all the time by friends from other states about which road to take where, or is there a better road.
    My standard reply now is , they are all good, some just a bit better than others, & no I don't remember which one is or was better and mostly i don't know where I picked it up or got off.

    Just ride , look and enjoy.
    We who live here are in M/C nirvana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greggsnider View Post
    I'm leading a small group on a two week trip this September. Skyline Drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway, down to Charleston, then home via the Outer Banks. I did this ride solo several years ago, and I'm pumped to hit it again.

    We'll definitely hit the usual suspects - Deal's Gap, Cherahola Skyway, etc.

    I assume quite a few MOA folks have chewed up some miles around the southern end of Parkway and NC/TN, and I'd love to pick your brains. I'm wide open to suggestions for awesome riding and funky roads, tasty restaurants, scenic photo ops, romantic make-out spots (yes, it's that kind of group...well, it is in my head) and other noteworthy stuff that only people who've been there/done that can recommend.

    Thanks in advance.
    Asheville: Hwy 25 W to Biltmore House and Village, and the new BMW MC Shop right in the same neighborhood.

    S of Asheville between Hwy 191 and Hwy 276 you will find The Pisgah Inn. Overnight accommodations, with outstanding views. Also, a great first class, glass-fronted restaurant. And, on the same grounds, a convenience store (no gas), with rocking chairs. Most bikes riding the parkway there stop by to use the clean restrooms, buy souvenirs or just hang out and chew the fat.

    Loop: 60 mins, west on Hwy 276 south of Pisgah Inn toward Waynesville, NC. You'll pass The Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground, by the way. Travel west to the intersection of Hwy 276/215. Turn left, and that will take you to the parkway again.

    Or, another loop there: Head east on Hwy 276 toward Brevard. Stop at The Cradle of Forestry, Vanderbilt established, on down to Brevard. Go south on Hwy 64 past Rosman, NC, turn W on Hwy 215 back to the parkway. Beautifully paved road. Longer loop of maybe 2 hours. Brevard, NC, is a very cosmopolitan small town, and you'll find adequate accommodations, too, along with good food.

    South of Hwy215 on the parkway, around MM430, will be the high point of the ParkwAY. It's the place to have your picture taken with your bike in front of the monument.

    Speaking of Mtns. Make sure you go to Mt. Mitchell north of Asheville. It's a must. Good hike to the top, but it's not that far! And, great views. Just wish for good weather. Mt. Mitchell is the highest point east of the Mississippi.

    Have great rides!

    When you ride north out of Charleston, take Hwy 17 N and make sure you stop down on Front St. in Georgetown, SC.

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