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Thread: Rallye 3 cleaning

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    Rallye 3 cleaning

    What is the best way to clean a Rallye 3 suit . I ended up shrinking my 'stitch in the washing machine,I don't want that to happen to the Rallye 3 .
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    I simply wash mine in cold water in the washer - after I removing all the pads.
    No issues and have washed 3 times.
    I do not use much soap...very small amount of a light detergent
    I run on the GENTLE cycle and do not wash underwear with gets stuck in Velcro
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    Nikwax Techwash in cold water. Either air dry or use the "ultra low" heat setting on the dryer.

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    Getting a raincoat type of fabric nice and hot in the dryer will help to ractivate your DWR coating on the outside of your jacket.

    If you shrink your nylon/ cordura jacket in the dryer you are some kind of special. Cotton is what you have to worry about with that. I am 6'5" and can't put any cotton on any kind of heat or it won't fit. Couple times a year I hot spin my ski/ snow/ rain /mc jackets and watch the water roll. ( sometimes you need to reapply said DWR coating as well. )
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