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Looks like if I am going to do this I need to start in Scranton, PA. Waiting for details from Rob Nye.

I may do that, anyone looking for a wing, I am shooting for as early a morning departure from Scranton as I can, may pass there and stay in Bethlehem the night before.

I have the factory screen on my GT, but also have a larger Cee Bailey's screen from the previous owner. I much prefer the factory screen but am wondering if for such a long trip I should put on the Cee Bailey's screen? My gut says no, besides I think I'll need the breeze to stay cool. I still would appreciate any feedback.


I did the ride to Redmond from Cheyenne, WY. I knew I couldn't ride 1060 miles, but I could ride for one tank of gas. About 200 miles. So I did that, did it again and then again and now I had 600 miles knocked out. So what was left? Two more tanks.

Best thing I took on the ride was a camel back type water back pack. Fill up with ice cubes and top off with water. Drink 2 L in the morning, drink another 2 L in the afternoon. Constant sipping is the way to go. And, if you blow back, the water won't stay in the tube and get lukewarm.

It isn't about managing the riding, it is about managing your stops. Extra daylight gained by going east to west helps. You can do most, if not all, in the daylight.

Since it is about safety, stop when you need to. If it is too much, just stop. Nothing to prove to anyone except yourself. There is always another day to ride.

Look forward to reading your ride report when it is over!