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Thread: Wunderlich RT rear protection bars

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    Wunderlich RT rear protection bars

    Does anyone know if the Wunderlich rear protection bars get in the way of the passenger on a R1200RT ?
    They look like they might , but I have only seen pictures.

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    Another concern

    I was considering a set of these, but they do look like they would get in the
    way of getting to the rear tire if you had to remove it.

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    2010 RT - rear crash bars

    I have a set of rear crash bars on my 2010 RT. Some smaller leged pasengers may find the bars get the the way and force them to sit too far forward. Mine get in the way of the the bolt for the rear exhaust hanger. But I don't have to take it off, just remove the bottom two bols and swing it up out of the way. You can remove the rear tire without removing the exhaust so it's really not a big issue.
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    How about some pics folks....

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    Quote Originally Posted by patiodadio View Post
    Does anyone know if the Wunderlich rear protection bars get in the way of the passenger on a R1200RT ?
    They look like they might , but I have only seen pictures.

    I purchased a set of these and yes they did get in the way of my passenger. Did not get two houses away from the garage and returned to take them off. Sold them on the Flea Market and shared my experience with prospective buyers. Too bad as they did offer good protection.

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    Muffler Bolt Issue Resolved

    These are indeed robust bars....however, had I read the review citing the problem with accessing the rear muffler bolt, I would not have purchased them. That said, after removing the requisite bodywork, I mounted the left side bar and immediately observed the problem with the muffler bolt being blocked. I decided to either come up with a work around, or return the product - it is NOT acceptable to require additional dismantling every time a rear tire needs to be replaced. I removed the left side bar, and the muffler bolt and the large "washer" it passes through, and headed to the hardware store (without the left side bar, of course). I found a collet with an outside diameter slightly smaller than the recessed hole the stock torx bolt set in, and with a height very slightly greater than the depth of that hole. The inside diameter was too small for the 8mm to pass through, but there was adequate material to drill it to size. I also purchased a hex head 8mm bolt that was 5mm longer than the original. Once the collet was drilled out (nothing sophisticated, just clamped it with a vise grips and used my electric power drill), I installed the bolt through the collet, and the BMW support washer, and bolted through to the muffler. When the left side crash bar is reinstalled, there is just enough clearance to back the bolt out enough to disengage the captured nut of the muffler clamp. The bolt can't be removed, but the muffler is free to be swung out of the way and the tire can then be removed. I admit I am a retired engineer, but not a mechanical engineer, so I have no special skills in this area. I am disappointed that Wunderlich has not included a similar solution with the kit. The collet I purchased was a Hillman H#838617 - 1/4"x1/2"x9/32". I obtained it at the local Ace hardware. It also appears on the Home Depot web page: BTW, my bike is a 2013. I assume this solution should work fine for all 2010 to 2013 bikes, and may work for earlier RT's as well, but have no immediate way to verify.

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