This is for people who aren't able to ride on the GS Giant's Gypsy Tour as they make their way to the rally.

A friend has offered the use of his place not far from Potosi, (SW of St. Louis a bit) for an overnight campout. This place is pretty woodsy, but there are showers and a restroom available... and it's free!

Another friend has volunteers to haul groceries, ice and beer... she'll fly if you buy.

However, bandwidth is getting pretty slim for the Giants at this point, and before we go making any plans, it'd be good to know if anyone is interested in doing this. I wrote about it in the ON a couple of months ago and got no action, but it was probably too early.

We'd need 5-6 people to make it worthwhile... so please post here, or send me a PM if you'd like a little more info.