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Thread: Do You Wear ARAI?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobzeliff View Post
    After nearly 50 years of riding I bought my first Arai last year because it fit.

    They seem to make a special effort to fit more "heads" by having at least 3 helmet shell sizes and a family of shells for long oval and another for "round" heads. The individual size of XS,S, M, L XL etc are distributed across the shell sizes. Most other manufacture only have 2 shell sizes for all their head sizes..

    I have a round head and the RX-Q fits the top of my head (crown like) perfectly (this is where the helmet must fit correctly. Because I have also have fat face I had to remove material form the cheek pads.

    I learned that I had previously bought helmet to fit my cheeks firmly but were in fact too large for the top of my head. Dumb huh!...still learning.

    Buy a helmet that fits first. Then get the safety rating that you think serves your needs.
    Price should be a lower priority.
    Agree. I bought an HJC 3/4 helmet last year for riding in very hot weather. It did get me through the Bloomsburg inferno, but never fit exactly right. Just bought an Arai XC RAM Helmet and while the cost was several times as much, the fit, ventilation, comfort, and quality of the materials is significantly higher, so I'm happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rd400racer View Post

    I highsided at Putnam Park back in 1998 in turn 4 at about 110. According to the guy behind me I landed directly on my head. I don't know because I was knocked unconscious immediately and didn't come to until the ambulance arrived. To this day I say it was the Arai QuantumII that kept me in one piece. Other than the knock-out I was fine...not even a scratch.

    And to echo the previous post, my brothers favorite comment, "how much is your head worth?"
    These are two of the foundations of my opinion on buying an Arai, Shoei, or Suomy (and that opinion is worth exactly what you're paying for it) and I personally own all three brands.

    Yes a Snell rating is a Snell rating and lots of companies can design and produce a helmet to pass that test. Arai, Shoei, Suomy design helmets TO BE crashed in, not pass a lab test, big difference in design criteria IMHO.

    RDs brothers sentiments are a call back to the '60's era Bell helmet ad copy of "If you have a $10 head, wear a $10 dollar helmet." Made sense to me then, makes sense now.

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