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Thread: If you were near Wall Drug...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacko View Post
    Wall Drug, Luckenbach Texas, Plymouth Rock ? Enjoy the ride and the many wonders around you whatever they may be.
    +2 on all three!
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    5 cent coffee why wouldn't you stop

    Where else can you get 5 cent coffee and the best donuts. It is a quick stop off of the interstate and worth it. Yeah, it is touristy and full of junky souvenirs, but we are smart enough to just laugh at them and move on.

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    You ALL need to stop, we need your tax dollars! If you are on I90 anyway it's only 1/2 mile off exit 110.

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    I stopped on '76 on my new Beemer. I'd stop again. It's Americana, you know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    Would you stop there? I will be in the area and figured I would make that a stop. The Trip Advisor Site opinions say "its not worth going out of your way" "Tourist Trap" "Flea Market" etc. I know that opinions are plentyful but glad to hear the bikers angle. Thanks
    My Dad never let me buy any of that tourist crap when the family was traveling in the station wagon. (5 kids, no air conditioning, but I digress...)

    Now I can stay as long as I want
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