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Thread: If you were near Wall Drug...

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    If you were near Wall Drug...

    Would you stop there? I will be in the area and figured I would make that a stop. The Trip Advisor Site opinions say "its not worth going out of your way" "Tourist Trap" "Flea Market" etc. I know that opinions are plentyful but glad to hear the bikers angle. Thanks
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    Have not been there in years. When I last was there for a pit stop it was a time warp example of Tourist Americana. Won't be the highlight of your trip but what the heck you can say you were there. Depending on time weather and money when you are in the area I give it a solid
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    After passing signs for hundreds of miles, we felt that it was almost imperative to stop. Sure, it's a cheesy tourist trap, but it's a landmark of sorts. Maybe you can get yourself a nice Jackalope for the mantle. I found it to be an amusing spot to take a break, get a snack, and have some laughs. I'd stop again for a bumper sticker. The roadside signs spread out over hundreds of miles are really the best part though.

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    I stopped there back in 2008. I couldn't resist all the signs along the highway. It was a good stop, a good walk about, although I didn't buy any souvenirs. My suggestion is to stop, walk around and stretch your legs from the ride. You may or may not find the stop worthwhile, but you'll never have to always wonder what you missed.
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    Stop, you're prolly gonna have to p anyway.
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    Am I missing out on something?

    What/Where is Wall Drug?

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    Yeah... stop!

    The parkings easy, there is plenty of gas at the exit, and the donut & coffee is free if your a vet. And the food is not bad, they run a nice buffet.
    I've allways needed that fuel when moving east; make that ride away a long leg. Nothing much till Chamberlin anyway.
    If moving west, you'll be fresh reaching the Black Hills region.

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    It is a "drug store" (although I didn't see any real pharmacy) selling tourist-type stuff. It is a main attraction in Wall, SD. I stopped on the way to the rally in Gillette, WY a few years back.
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    Yes it is a tourist trap ,but I found it quite nice. Towards the back there was some interesting old photos and info on old history. Also you can always say I have been to Wall Drug
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    Wall Drug, Luckenbach Texas, Plymouth Rock ? Enjoy the ride and the many wonders around you whatever they may be.
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    Sounds like endorsements all around for Wall Drug. I'm starting to wish I could go there again.

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    KNOW its genesis?

    Wall got its start from a roadside water stop(100 years ago) for relief from the open plains travel. Many were so glad to come across Wall,SD for that only reason, water to drink, from what must have been hard travel across the open expanses of prairie. Today, the front door to the Black Hills, as the Park entrance is just outside of town, quarter mile. I would still stop every trip, even seen it several times over. I usually don't shop, just get off bike, rest and people watch. Randy

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    Years ago they used to have a display on the signs showing everywhere they had been put up. If I remember correctly they had some in France put up where Pattons tanks rolled through (by US GI's) and some in Korea. That was mid-late 70's so no clue if it's still there. (that and the jackaloupe are what stuck in my head all these years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hondarider View Post
    After passing signs for hundreds of miles, we felt that it was almost imperative to stop.
    My reaction was completely opposite: after seeing signs forever, I began to resent them. Then I concentrated on *not* seeing them, and any chance I might have stopped evaporated completely.
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    they have great donuts! Like other posters, it IS a tourist trap but a good place to stretch your legs, get a great donut, pee....

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